Corinne Meijer
Director of Clinical Operations and Organizational Development

Joined on 04 March 2019
Company: MBI Health Services, LLC.


Corinne Meijer, Ph.D. serves as the Director of Clinical Operations and Organizational Development at MBI Health Services. In this capacity, she teams extensively to ensure the strengthening of clinical operations across all divisions and programs of the organization.  Dr. Meijer has significant experience providing direct service, developing programs, and improving systems of care within and across agencies.  For over 25 years, Dr. Meijer has worked in the District of Columbia and in East Baltimore with community-based programs, serving children, youth and families with complex needs (e.g., exposure to trauma, biological vulnerabilities, significant environmental stressors, chaotic home situations, multiple agency involvement).  A native of Washington DC, Dr. Meijer has a particular personal and professional interest in the development of integrated services to disrupt the inter-generational transmission of trauma and behavioral health problems that impact marginalized families in particular.
Dr. Meijer is a licensed Clinical Psychologist since 1994.  She is a graduate of DC Public Schools, from Catholic University of America in Washington DC, and the University of Maryland, Clinical Community Psychology Doctoral Program in College Park, Maryland.  For eight years she worked at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, two years of which she held a joint faculty appointment with the Johns Hopkins University, School of Hygiene and Public Health.  After returning to the District and prior to coming to MBI Health Services, Dr. Meijer worked for 17 years at Community Connections establishing and developing their child and families services, and moving progressively into leadership positions.  Prior to graduate school, Dr. Meijer was a member of the DC Air National Guard.
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