Department on Disability Services Division (DDS Division)

The DDS Division is a federal agency that has certified MBI to provide support for you and your friends. This Program aims to strengthen the individual’s mind, body, and heart to enable them to overcome worries in life derived from their physical or behavioral state. We also aims to relieve loved ones from the responsibility of taking care of their beloved who is suffering from his or her own internal difficulties. MBI’s DDS Division does not provide ordinary services to our clients. We treat them with professionally trained staff who are well-adverse in their practice.

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  • In-Home Support– MBI Provides personal and domestic care services for the BLIND, AGED, or DISABLED within your home. But if you don’t want to stay home, social activities such as dancing, basketball games, concerts, and bowling are just SOME of the options you have for getting back out there!
  • Residential Services– MBI holds several types of residential support including: Host-Home, Respite Services, & Supported Living Services.
  • Host-Home Services-  Families can rest at ease knowing that their loved one is in the comfort of a Care Giver’s home, where care is given around the clock.
  • Respite Residential Services- MBI can offer you short-term care for persons with behavioral disabilities, so that you never have to worry about what to do when you need to address the other aspects of life.
  • Supported Living- Ever wanted to live life without burdening those around you? Then this program may help you take the steps towards independent living. Staff can visit your home and teach you all the things you need to know such as, but not limited to: Monetary Management, Housekeeping, Conflict Resolution, Hygiene Skills
  • Adult Day Habilitation Program- Individuals with developmental disabilities are given the chance to develop life skills, and receive therapeutic support in order to strengthen their daily living. The can gain vast knowledge on Daily Living Skills, Health & Fitness, Computer Skills & Research, and Employment!

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